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Personal Injury

Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Austin Texas,  let an experienced Austin Texas Slip and Fall Attorney, J. Torrez Law P.C., give you the assistance you need. Slip and fall are accidents that happen due to an unsafe or negligent, dangerous condition on property owned by someone other than the injured party.  Business and Property Owners have a duty to provide a safe and clean environment for persons occupying their property for business or entertainment.

The most common cases are:

  • Unstable railing
  • Wobbly staircase
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Slippery floors
  • Product liability
  • Unsafe design
  • Missing parts
  • Defective components
  • Mislabeled drugs
  • Broken sidewalk steps

There are so many incidents that happen to individuals on a daily basis causing them pain and outrageous medical bills, not to mention having to miss work or school due to someone elses negligence.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, our personal injury attorneys can help you get your medical bills paid. We work closely with medical providers to ensure you receive medical attention.

If you are without health insurance like many Americans today, our network of medical providers will provide medical care and wait to be paid from the proceeds of your settlement. Don’t settle your case quickly because you have no health insurance. Our experienced personal injury staff will get you the medical treatment you deserve and help you reach a complete settlement offer.

Premises injuries range from claims against hotels, shopping centers and movies theaters that know about troubled crime areas within their property or other dangerous conditions, and fail to protect their customers by not providing proper lighting, security officers or security cameras which may lead to sexual assaults of women or even death.

We have represented persons injured in department stores, restaurants, and grocery stores who were seriously injured by employees when falsely arrested for shoplifting, injured by tripping over metal objects on the ground, and injured by tripping over boxes of inventory left carelessly in the aisle by stockers in the stores.

Let our experienced personal injury staff assist you with your premises injuries, you owe it to yourself.